Thesis of Doom

Remember remember the third of November
My Thompson’s Group thesis was due
I look through the pieces of my Thompson’s Group thesis
And still haven’t got a clue

It came right down to the wire. I was still writing at 4pm… while the earlier pages of my thesis were simultaneously being printed. Despite the mad rush approaching 5pm, I actually managed to get the thesis in on time. Some of the other honours students got caught up with binder difficulties, but not me. My dexterity and ability not to flail and crack the shits when a binding machine was being stupid held me in good stead. With a sweaty brow and steely nerves, I bound both copies of my thesis in record time and submitted them before the due date (which is unusual for me).

For those who are interested, i have provided a copy of my thesis here (PDF 489KB). It is written in a way as to be easily understood (at least to those who understand it). I would recommend at least 2nd year algebra although 3rd year algebra would be an ideal base for being able to comprehend what I have written. It is 60 pages long so you might want to grab a drink. Its not particularly good.

Important note to those who read my thesis (my thesis examiner’s excepted, of course): If you spot a mistake, typo, badly-drawn picture I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

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