• Fluorinated Compounds

    Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be present at my girlfriend's Ph.D. thesis defence at the University of Copenhagen. In case anyone is wondering, it went very well, and all the opponents spoke highly of her work, and now we can all call her "Doctor". [more...]
  • Consilience

    New York Tonight saw the launch of “Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development”. It is the first student-run interdisciplinary journal of sustainable [more...]
  • Apples!

    Asuncion Do you like apples? Well… I’m going to one, a big one! How do you like them apples? Fine print: After a long and nail-biting wait, I have been admitted [more...]
  • No Picture

    Thesis of Doom

    Remember remember the third of November My Thompson’s Group thesis was due I look through the pieces of my Thompson’s Group thesis And still haven’t got a [more...]