SSLC Report for Metric Spaces


620-311 Metric Spaces is a third-year mathematics subject at the University of Melbourne taught by Kris Wysocki. The Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) conducts surveys and provides feedback to the department to help improve teaching. The report is typically read aloud to the class near the end of semester.

Question 1, oh what fun, I’ll try and keep this short
The average, it was two point five, its here in my report
I s’pose that means the pace of this subject is too quick
But not by much, no not at all, just slow it down a tick

Now question 2 posed the point, are lectures clear or not?
Many people ticked box three, how many? I forgot
But, in the end, three was the mean, when all was tallied up
So spot on Kris, keep it up with balls and inf and sup

Question 3, it was about the hardness of this stuff
And as in 1, the class all thought it was a little tough
The mean it was, when all was summed, a meagre two point six
So don’t fret Kris, you’re not far off, just a little bit to fix

So on we go to question 4, the tutes this was about
The av’rage, it was higher now, but don’t all stand and shout
‘twas only point one seven greater than the number three
that’s good I guess, it means the tutes are found useful-ly

So now to five we find out now, if you were stimulated
The answer’s ‘yes’, at least it seemed, when all was tabulated
A quarter and a four again did maketh up the mean
How int’resting I thought when I, this result did glean

Question 6, as we move on, sit tight we’re nearly there
This question asked us how much for the tutes we did prepare
Some said alot, some said not much, but most were quick to scribble
‘cause three’s the mean, so once again, we’re left right in the middle

So last we have question 7, but wait there’s more to come
This one begged us calculate our tute attendance sum
The mean on this, a little low, it came to two point four
But that’s not bad, considering there’d just been four before

Tutes that is, but now we end, on a funny note
There was no question 8 prescribed at least not one I wrote
But low behold there was a chap who managed such a feat
To answer “two” to question 8, for this comedic treat

So now, to sum and finalize, we’re going pretty swell
A little quick, a little hard, but int’resting as well
I hope you liked my short report, attached the numbers are
So if you’d like to see them all, come and see me.

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