Josh Zivin, Jeffrey Sachs, and Anubha Agarwal sit

New York

Tonight saw the launch of “Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development”. It is the first student-run interdisciplinary journal of sustainable development… ever. That’s pretty cool. It will be an annual publication and the first issue consists of 12 articles. Now here’s the kicker – one of those articles was penned by me!

The event was a tad nerve-wracking not only for the obvious reasons… but also because the man on the left of the photo is the head of the advisory board to Consilience – Dr Joshua Zivin who also happens to be the director of the PhD program in Sustainable Development (which I have applied for again). The man in the centre of the photo is Jeffrey Sachs himself (who probably doesn’t recognize me from class) and to his left is Anubha Agarwal, the editor-in-chief of Consilience (although she is considerably less scary than the other two).

The website for Consilience can be found here. The first issue is here, and my article can be found here.

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