Inzell with the Danes

Continuing from where the previous post “left off”, the weekend right after Enschede, I found myself in Inzell, Germany coaching and preparing for the ESDP training camp. (The ESDP is the East Scandinavian Development Project – a partnership between Sweden, Finland and Denmark to pool resources and develop our junior skaters). There were some races and some pretty HUGE personal bests by many members of the team. All in all, a total of 4:49.37 worth of PBs were attained, which averages out to about 36 seconds per skater. In my entire ice skating career, I think I’ve taken a total of about 15 seconds off all my PBs, so these kids are doing very well.

As you would expect, I took a lot of video during this training camp, and I present some of it here, enjoy.

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