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Those who have seen the movie “Team America” will know that, to go from being a beginner to a being a pro, you need a montage. So I have constructed a montage of our team training in the gym. Those who frequent the Thialf skating facility in Heerenveen for races are probably sick of the video featuring the TVM team training; we decided that a parody was in order. Here it is:

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  1. Nice video–training hard Daniel?? 😉 Eventually I need to learn how to make cool videos of the skating at the Olympic Oval in Lake Placid….do you use a Mac?

    • Hi Christie, yeah I use a Mac. I shoot most of the video with my point-and-shoot (a Panasonic DMC-LX3, if you must know), then I edit it in final cut express. You can probably do all the editing in imovie, but then you would need to edit the sound separately in garage band, whereas in final cut, you can do it all at the same time.

  2. Cool, thanks. I do not have a Mac yet, but am saving up for one!! I would like to do some skating videos from Lake Placid, but will wait for my Mac. I am finally getting a better camera, so that will help.

    Have fun 🙂

  3. “we decided that a parody was in order”?

  4. Bahaha you and all your techinical-ness.
    your to smart

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