Pep Talk

Sophie Muir

Sophie Muir recently made history by not only becoming the first Australian long track skater in 16 years, but is also the first ever female long track olympic speed skater. We’re pretty proud of her. But it takes more than just a pretty face to get into the olympics. Literally thousands of hours of work must be endured to extract the kind of performances required to even get here. As part of my contribution to this team, aside from just being another training partner, I am occasionally called on to help motivate the members of our squad. To this end, I put together a short video for Sophie to watch just before her olympic debut. And now that she has safely completed all her events at this games, I have posted it to youtube so that the world can appreciate the heights of corniness I reach, just to help extract a good performance out of an athlete. The song that can be heard in the background is “Quietly” by Air Castles, and the last few lines of poetry are from the poem “We Are More” which was read out as part of the opening ceremony.

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