Pyeongchang Day 11: Interview With Bill Begg

From humble beginnings in New Zealand, Bill has distinguished himself as one of the go-to coaches if you want medals at world championships. For years skaters would seek him out and live at his house and train under his instruction in the quest for world championship gold in the sport of inline speed skating. Later he would coach pro teams on the world inline cup, and has coached 6 different countries at the highest level, all with a good degree of success. Unquestionably passionate about the sport, he now bases himself in Timaru New Zealand where he develops future champions at the club level. His influence on the world of inline speed skating is enormous, and many of those inline skaters are invading the world of speed skating on the ice. I caught up with his during one of speed skating at Pyeongchang’s rest days from competition.

I have made the audio file of the full interview available here for you to have a listen. Please share the link around if you like it and be sure to listen to my other interviews and live audio commentary for the speed skating events during these games.

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  1. The link goes to Rennie’s rather than Bill’s interview file from what I can see.

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