“What’s up, G?” said he, to the man with the title.

“Don’t call me that!” was the reply. “In fact, you can take out the G altogether,” he tacked on.

“But dude, without G I could only asp instead of gasp, rab instead of grab and oogle instead of–”

He paused to think for a moment

“Hmmm. . . maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”

There was an awkward pause.

“Seen any good. . . sorry, ood movies recently?” he said quickly, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, I saw something about codebreaking.”

“What was it called?”

“Umm, can’t remember. . . name a few movies.”

“Mercury Risin?”



“What?” he said, looking puzzled.

“Oh, enigma. . . sorry, took out the G. . . hahaha. . . ”

“You’re an idiot! No, it wasn’t that, it had something to do with a message from outer space.”

“Independence day?”

“No, the aliens were peaceful and the message was about building some kind of machine.”

“What did the machine do?”

“It transported people to–”

“Contact!” he cut him off.

“That’s it.”

“That’s not a movie about codebreaking.”

“Bollocks, the code was great, it was three dimensional and the key was in the code itself”

“Contained within the code? What a novel idea.”

“Oh my, look at the time, I’d better go now, what’s your number?”

“Ummm. . . here it is: 64, 127, 105, 197, 111, 76, 12, 181, 113, 3, 201, 30, 41, 109, 85.”

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