Adventures in Cake

There were actually three distinct adventures in cake. First there was Peter’s cake, which we constructed for his birthday. Then there was Peter’s second cake, which was a goodbye cake. Then there was… wait for it… Han’s cake, constructed with similar materials as Peter’s first cake, was made for his birthday.

Peter’s Cake #1 !

This is a cuboid of mattress foam.

This is us mixing the icing for Peter’s mattress foam cake

This is me testing the icing for Peter’s mattress foam cake

this is us applying the icing to Peter’s mattress foam cake

Peter is 22 years old, which is equivalent to 2 mod 10…

Peter attempts to cut the cake

As you can plainly see… mattress foam doesn’t take well to being treated like a cake.

A look at our cake-chefs hard at work making Peter’s second cake

The chefs pose in front of their magnificent creation

We take a brief break to toast marshmallows on the stove top while we’re waiting for the cake to bake (hey! that rhymes)

Its a tropical island see? Nevermind that the sand is actually hundreds and thousands… or the fact that the “river” is actually red.

Here we are, cutting the cake.

A close up of a slice of Peter’s second cake

Han’s cake – layer 1. (notice our base is a pizza base)

Han’s cake – level 2

Han’s cake – level 3. This is a shot taken from the helicopter flyby

We also constructed a “fake cake” (hey! that rhymes) for Han. Not wanting to fall into the trap we did with Peter, namely the cake having sharp corners, we covered it with dough and rounded the edges.

…and decorated it with much whipped cream so that what did remain of the corners was obscured from view

Han being sung to… oh the emotion!

Han attempts… with some difficulty, to cut the cake… but wait…

He succeeds! (he took a LONG time…)

Not long after, the masses were once again distracted by another joke, this time in the form of the Nintendo DS. And who says game consoles are anti-social?

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