Copenhagen Inline Challenge

Recently, I finally got around to completing the promotional video for the Copenhagen Inline Challenge, an annual marathon race which takes place in the streets of Copenhagen. For the footage of this video I used my Nikon D800 mounted on a shoulder-jig (the Redrock Micro “Event” DSLR jig, if you must know), with myself mounted on the back of a motorcycle for most of the race (which was a challenge to my abs in itself, because I couldn’t anticipate the change of direction on the motorcycle since I was facing backwards).

(don’t forget to watch full screen)

The music will be familiar to those older readers of as coming from the film “Deliverance”, a film about a journey into the wilderness which goes horribly wrong. For those of you who are curious, a search on YouTube of “Duelling Banjos” and “Deliverance” will turn up the scene from which this music comes.

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