The Photos Page

Here you will find a collection of photographs (and the odd non-photograph). Most, but not all, of the photos here have been taken by me. Scroll down as the list is quite long. Don't worry, there's nothing pornographic (there are a few pictures of me skating in a skinsuit but, all things considered, they are hardly pornographic). Someday I'll organise this page into a grid of thumbnails like it is on all my favourite porn sites. Enjoy!

Some Pictures

Something I've wanted to do for a long time... the MIT Mystery Hunt.

I had some visitors for Christmas and New Year's... we had many New York adventures.

We here at Columbia aren't big on our sport... a case in point - the basketball.

I stumbled on the big apple dancesport challenge. Lucky I had my camera with me.

Simulation exercise for a subject - Contemporary Diplomacy. Some photos.

The North East AIUSA regional conference. (from the CUAI website)

A week in the life at Columbia in the fall.

Working my amnesty magic at the amnesty table at the CSC nightmarket. (from the CUAI website)

Baking a birthday cake for the 1st anniversary of the military commissions act. (from the CUAI website)

A conference at the UN that I went to...

The campus of Columbia University (where I am), photo Low Library, Butler Library, Circular Panorama, 'Normal' Panorama

I'm leaving for the US of A, I had a little farewell gathering, here are the memories in photo form

Collingwood beat Carlton by 24 points and I was there to see it at the MCG - here are some photos

Photos from the The 5th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition

7th July 2007 - a day of parties

Welcome back party photo1, photo2, photo3

Photos from my Latin American Odyssey

A picture of Liliana from my 25th birthday party.

Australian University Games 2006 - photos from the Athletics

Photos from a game of Diplomacy which took place at my place 1, 2

Amnesty International YS and NAGM photos

Crowd watching the game between Australia and Italy

Dinner at Marios

Adventures in Cake!

Melbourne University Athletics Club dinner and awards night - me receiving an award, the box that the award came in, the award

Vic Amnesty Schools Conference Photos

Liliana with her skates, Liliana's birthday present

Heart rate monitor graph from a lap of Princess Park

My whiteboard, complete with proof of the infinite number of primes

ZOMG! A photo of my girlfriend

Some photos from Oceanias 2006

Some very cool framed posters from "Stand Up For Your Rights" 2004, 2005

A silly sign

A bottle of rather expensive wine 1, 2

Commonwealth Games athletics, photos from the 25th of March

A photo of me graduating

Victorian athletics championships at the MCG - 1, 2, 3

Aths squad after a hard training session in 40 degree heat... phwoar

Most excellent birthday presents

The Afterparty for the Euripides Weird Plays: Helen and Orestes

Around the Bay in a Day bike ride

The Melbourne Uni and Monash Uni's combined dancesport clubs' annual dinner dance photos courtesy of Joan Ko

Science Ball 1, 2, 3 Photos courtesy of Joanna Cheng

Cricket 1, 2 - maths geeks playing cricket

MUMS seminar - explanatory diagrams and scribbles for my seminar

MSO - my little group of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra subscribers

AIA NAGM - Amnesty International Australia National AGM and youth summit in Canberra

Training diet...

"Da Boyz" the night southern cross 2005 ended

Germany, Jan 2005, Munich and Frankfurt

Holland, Jan 2005, Kampen

France, Dec/Jan 2004/2005, includes Marseille and Paris. Special gallery for the Musée du Louvre

Roman Holiday, Dec 2004 (Rome). A panoramic shot of St. Peter's square/ellipse.

Island Archaeology: Malta and Gozo, Nov-Dec 2004, including a special feature - "The Most Beautiful Place"

Old London Town, Nov 2004

World Championships 2004 in L'Aquilla, Sulmona and Pescara in Italy.

Around the bay in a day, 17th Oct 2004 a quaint bike ride around Port Phillip bay.

Rally for universal suffrage for the people of Hong Kong, some 500,000 take to the streets in peaceful protest. Australian protesters could learn alot from this.

Winter Solstice Party 26th June 2004. A few photos from a party to celebrate the longest night of the year...

Spring Equinox Party 25th September 2004. Some more photos from the night of the day when the night and the day are, in fact, the same length.

Damjan successfully negotiates the deadly chasm between two automobiles without placing a foot on the ground.

Crashed formula ford car. After a 160km/h impact with a concrete barrier, left the driver (me) unconscious with a broken shoulder and minor concussion.

Photos from 2003 World Championships in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. A collection of the best of over 100 photos that I took at my first worlds.

Auditioning for Star Wars. Unfortunately, they weren't looking for a Jedi knight in a rugby jumper...

A room with tables arranged like tetris blocks... for the 2004 SMO lunch

An old photo of me skating. Possibly one of the only "good" photos of me that exists, but that's probably because its blurry.

Another photo of me skating... practicing my start for the time trial.

A photo of me playing with my skates. A common occurence...

A mugshot of me in the cadet unit at Scotch College. Taken during parade practice, notice the yellow lanyard on my left lapel - a perk of winning the clive steele award.

Broken Boots! What annoys me the most is that these boots are probably my favourite boots ever...

Bent Frames! Another one of the reasons I have a reputation for damaging... well, stuff in general. This was done on the conclusion of the 200m time trial at oceanias 2004.

Snapped Frames! I have a bad record of damaging frames, mostly due to my freak-of-nature ability on the start line. These are the frames with which I *almost* won the 500m at Victorian Championships...