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The german Inter City Express... here we observe two trains kissing

Its a watch shop... schmuck! (I'm being immature again)

This is a terrific new ballet called the "Nussnacker", not to be confused with the "Nutcracker", also by Tchaikovski.

The Royal palace of the Bavarian Kings... and some lovely gardens too

Some lions. They say the nose is shiny because people are always touching it for luck... these people have obviously never lived with real lions, who would, I imagine, feel themselves quite lucky if a human were to approach it to touch its nose.

The opera house in Munich

I don't know if anyone else thinks this is weird. Wolford is a well-known brand of very expensive Lingerie (those who watch fasion TV as much as I do would know this). Now, who in the world would ride a bicycle to a lingerie shop?

I wonder what this sign means?

The Hofbräuhaus, arguably the world's most famous pub

The Germans love their humour...

The "English Garden" built by an American who was thrown out of America for being on the wrong side in their little war of independance

Ludwig the 1st

The Bavarian knight vanquishes the French one - an action shot. (the "action" of this very ornate church clock was not quite fast enough for a motion blur)

Is that a spear in your pocket or are you just happy to see me... argh! I'll never tell a bad joke again, promise... hey, nice wings

C'mon... I couldn't stop laughing when I saw THIS!

The only way up to Neuschwanstein was by horse and carriage (or on foot, for the plebs)

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