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Our first photo of Marseille...

This is where we ate a fab christmas dinner

An archway... to the sea

Joan of Arc

A cathedral, the name of which escapes me for the moment

A lovely statue of Christ getting his eyes gouged?

The Notre Dame de La Garde - a landmark of Marseille

Me in front of Marseille (to prove that I was actually there)

The super-fast TGV

This is where we stayed in Paris...

The Bastille... well... the pillar in the spot where the Bastille once stood

The museum of Natural History, and its lovely garden

We met a New Yorker on our travels, we asked him about the New York metro... he showed us this

This is the Eiffel tower (in case you had trouble recognising it)

Charlemange (spelling?), of the Merovingian dynasty who ruled in France before France was France

The magnificent stained-glass window in Notre Dame

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