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Sunset in Sliema

Our first visit

The group, notice our leader, Claudia Sagona, with the lightsaber sticking out of her backpack

An interesting shrub

Lots of bones... pygmy elephants, deer and hippopotomi apparently

$10 to the first person who emails me with a good translation of this

A strange place to find a plaque for uncle Albert

All of Malta is like a fortress

The magnificent ceiling of St John's cathedral

A pillowfight

A peephole in a megalithic brothel at "Hagar-Qim" is pointed out

I had no idea what megalithic limestone structures had anything to do with timekeeping...

from a hill... these still look like pretty big rocks

us trying to look professional with tape measures and clipboards

a very professional looking photo, complete with scale

if you knew what the wind was like here, you wouldn't be surprised that that tree looks like that

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