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Mosquito coils make an appearence again, this time in the macedonian antiquities section

a hat she wanted... a helmet she got...

luckily, bins were plentiful throughout the museum

The courtyard... it was raining, we were inside...

bastet... in the form of a cat... well, a kitten

Horus, this time with both eyes, it seems

Some heiroglyphs

A blue statue of some sort... from Egypt I think

The distinctive quirky features of Ahknaten

another bit of heiroglyph... you can tell I'm an archaeologist can't you?

This is wood... do you KNOW how difficult it is to preserve wood?

more pottery!

and more pottery!

a very ornate dish of some sort... of what sort? I have no idea

Some lovely antique furniture, and some carpet on the walls

The ceilings in the Louvre were just divine...

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