This page is basically the amalgamation of most of the material that has been hosted by this website at one point or another. All of it is my own writing. There are vast inconsistencies in format and 'look' of the pages here. There are probably a great many works missing as well. Someday I'll organise this all properly into different subsections and make all the individual pages look nice. Until then, you only have the bare words themselves to keep you amused (so, in other words, you're doomed).

Some Words


Opening remarks - opening speech delivered for a Darfur simulation which was for my subject - Contemporary Diplomacy

Bunn's Mini Stanley Cup - A brief account of this one time way back when... (about a roller hockey tournament in 1995)

Youth Summit Welcome Speech - a short welcome address to the second amnesty international australia national youth summit which I also co-chaired in 2006.

Youth Summit Report - rather bland report on Amnesty International Australia's 2006 Youth Summit

A Swim - a story about a time when I went swimming at Cape Patterson

NAGM report - a long-ish report on Amnesty International Australia's National Annual General Meeting in 2005

Youth Summit Speech - a short speech I was asked to prepare (not done well) and deliver (done badly but somewhat better) at the first amnesty international australia national youth conference in 2005

My culinary adventures in 2004 - a piece about my quest for the perfect meal

Barquisimeto - a personal account of my first world speed skating championships, originally written as a report

Questions of Identity in Postcolonial Hong Kong - an article which I wrote for Farrago, the Melbourne University student body magazine. It was ruthlessley chopped up and edited for publication, which was unfortunate. Here it is in its full, unedited form.

Worlds '04 more of a photo essay than anything else, but interesting nonetheless

Stand Up For Your Rights 2004 - A retelling of the story of Australia's greatest comedy night, through the eyes of the Organiser

Hurt Hope and Help - despite the stupid title, this article was much better. Written as editorial material to help sell some tickets for "Stand Up For Your Rights". As far as I know, it was never published.

My First Asian Championships - an brief account of my first international-level skating competition


Here is a collection of poetry which I have penned (acutally, most of it never found its way to paper), most of it of the "silly" genre. Some of it is serious although, on reflection, one finds it hard to differentiate.

A not-quite-epic poem to sum up something of an epic year... 2007

A christmas card to my peeps at the MUAI and CUAI amnesty groups.

A poem to lift everyone's spirits prior to the EESC-4400 Dynamics of Climate Systems and Climate Change exam.

Education officer's report for the MUMS AGM

SSLC report for Metric Spaces

Bored in a rather slow-paced lecture.

"Fire-up" poem/speech for Stand Up For Your Rights comedy night. 25, Oct 2003

Smiley Haiku - a poem written for an online competition, eventually got published. Its not very good

For Shaun - a poem written for my friend Shaun Thompson who is suffering from cancer. Although younger than I, I look up to him because I am inspired by his maturity, strength and indomitable will. Pity the poem isn't very good.

To Freedom - a poem written for the weekly poetry reading at Melbourne Uni amnesty meetings, a tradition started by past president, Anthony Nicholas. The last three lines are borrowed from a Norwegian poet, the name of whom eludes me for the moment. This is significant because the poem (the borrowed bit) was read as part of the acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, which was given to Amnesty International in 1977.

Oceanias, Oceanias - a poem posted on the Eltham Roller Skating Club online messageboard, just before the 2002 Oceania sskating championships

Trials - another eltham messageboard poem, this one written prior to 2001 Australian team trials in Sydney, to go to worlds in France

ANZAC day time trial - yet another eltham messageboard poem, one of the first. Written after my first appearence as a member of the Australian team at the annual Australia - New Zealand grudge match - Oceanias. The time trial was the first event and it was held on ANZAC day. I fell as I crossed the finish line.



My culinary adventures in 2004 - a piece about my quest for the perfect meal


Interview with Luca Presti - aspiring sprinter (me) interviews one of the world's very best... and he does marathons too

An interview with Michael Byrne - an interview, conducted online, with inline speedskater Michael Byrne

Interview with Reyon Kay at 2004 Australian Nationals - interview with rising New Zealand star Reyon Kay


When I was in year 12, we used to get one afternoon off a week to give us more time to study. We also used to get spare periods during the day, so occasionally one could get more than half a day off school if one organised one's "music lessons" prudently. During these study periods, I would often visit the local cinemas to study the newest releases, just in case they contained vital insights into the realms of integral calculus. I would like to think that I have a fairly good taste in movies, although I know some who would disagree with me. I like movies which challenge our perceptions, I like movies which are uplifting and inspirational, I would like to say that I don't like formulaic movies, but I know that some of my favourite films are just that. Some average movies may get an unusually high rating here, if this is so, it is probably because it made me smile when I was depressed or something sappy like that, or else, I may have harboured a crush on the lead female character. Also, one or two book reviews may find their way into this section. This is simply because I can't be stuffed making a new section for books, partly because I simply don't read enough to warrant it. (Note: the number in brackets is a star rating out of 10)

Princess Mononoke (9)

Without Limits (9)

The Dark Crystal (8.5)

The Planet of the Apes (3)

Hero (9)

Positive (book)

Chariots of Fire (9.5)

Unpolished Gem (book)