IFLS Job Application

on the 20th of January 2014, I applied for the position of science writer at the “I F*cking Love Science”  website. It has been well over a month, and I’ve received no response, so it’s pretty safe to say that I didn’t get the job. As with all job applications, I was asked to submit a CV and cover letter, but seeing as this wasn’t a standard job, I decided to submit a non-standard cover letter in an effort to stand out from the crowd. I present this cover letter below for the amusement of my friends (including typos):


whom it may concern,
I hope that you will forgive
this unusual


cover letter made up of
picture memes ’bout me


I once worked in a
newspaper, in the photo
department, so I…

Dead End Job

find visual cues
and unconventional things
to have more impact


my passion is great
and I fucking love science!
there is no doubt there


I wish to share all;
not just knowledge, but also
understanding, for…

there is no greater
beauty than reason, nor is
there anything worse…


than wilful, conscious
ignorance. I hope this risk
was worth it. see ya 🙂

(p.s. here are links
to two writing samples as
requested, below)



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