Christmas Post

gotta get that white balance right for Christmas…

Well what have we here, is it that time of year?
oh my, how time, it has flown!
so give us a smile, it’s been a long while
I hope as a person you’ve grown…

what me? I don’t know, I’ve got nothing to show
all I’ve done is skate round a little
but life it is such, I did not achieve much
except just to add to the riddle

who am I? the question, the answer eludes
what am I? another that puzzles
why am I? another, which often intrudes
and maketh my mind confuzzled

but this is the time, for parties and rhyme
not high-brow philosophizing
so raise us a toast, and be a good host
and get to the food scrutinizing

for I’ve had a good year, and it ends in good cheer
despite things not going to plan
but life must move forward, and all of us shore-ward
from the sea where troubles began

and forward we travel, on paths undiscovered
to greener pastures we tilt
take solace, take rest, make sure you’re recovered
from all the milk that was spil’t

who knows what will be, there’s no guarantee
but now we should all come together
for the season’s a ripe, to take a big swipe
at the booze, with birds of a feather

peace be to all, and answer the call
to bring it to all of mankind
and curb oppositions to lower emissions
for a better planet we’ll find

and when past recall, and to friends presents give
remember that most important of gifts
the love that we share, the true blood by which we live
has the power to break down walls, end wars, heal rifts

merry Christmas to the readers of

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  1. That shot is photoshop, right?

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