What in the World Rhymes With “Freedom”?


This poem was sent to the members of the cuai-board email listserv as a christmas card and may have been influenced by the alcohol that inevitably accompanies christmas gatherings.

To all my friends in amnesty
I write to you with festive cheer
for from semester, we are free
so closer still to your degree
but come with me, we’ll grab a beer

We’ll speak of great deeds done in aid
of human rights, the cause we follow
but let’s press on on this crusade
to make well sure we don’t evade
the truth, though it be hard to swallow

The world around us seems to fall
apart, it seems our cause is lost
but no, we must have hope I call
and bring ’bout change, however small
and worry not about the cost

For human rights is more than just
an out-there, leftie, social cause
you see, that isn’t quite the thrust
injustice, that is what we must
fight, so now we should take pause

To think about all that we do
and all those ones whom we assist
let their strong will inspire you
when next semester starts anew
we must go on, we must persist

For there is still much to be done
but don’t despair, there is still hope
we should not jest, but still have fun
to help just a little, is better than none
so keep up a smile, please don’t mope

But we shan’t forget the time of year
after all, it’s festive season
what better time, what better reason
to purge from mind, all of your fear
and raise your glass and toast to freedom!

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