Don’t Miss Your Train

theres another train, there always is... maybe the next one is yours

it is lonely

I stare into the belly of the beast
column by column, only ribs, no guts
a sliver of silver slips ‘tween platforms
thunder shakes, rattles, screeches
passes without stopping

a light flickers
like a candle
a warm distant dream in the cold city
is it mine? I do not tempt fate
it grows, it glows, pupils dilate
struggling to swallow light

the thunder slows
screech, slow, clank, bang, beep
doors part, light beckons
a seat! glances dart, flick heads
go!, they whisper. I teeter on the brink
nods of approval push

is it mine?
which direction? which platform?
how can I be sure? sands shift
bodies move back and forth
but I stand fast
too slow

beep, my heart jumps
the seat is taken, I motion towards
doors close, heart sinks
why did I wait?, this is my train
this is my platform
no, it is not my train

slowly moves away
noise saturates the air
and stings my lungs
and draws a tear
it is gone

it is lonely

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