Fire-Up Poem for SUFYR 2003


This poem was delivered to the volunteer crew of the Amnesty International comedy gala “Stand Up For Your Rights” by Daniel Yeow about two hours before curtain, in an attempt to inspire them and also as a sound check for the microphone on the lectern.

Committee, Crew, Comedians, lend me your ears!

I come to raise your spirits not to bury them.

For today a turning point in history is reached,

In what history, you may ask? Only time will tell.

Indeed, the toll of time is told in my weary eyes,

Who have, for many moons been set on this sight,

This night, whose many nights without sleep did produce.

How then were we today, brought here for tonight?

The light that is lit in the darkness, brings us hence,

A spark, an idea, a small flame of hope to our defence,

But more than good seeds it takes, to bear good fruit.

Much toil and despair must be endured,

To honestly expect results so fair, but don’t jest

Breadths of hairs, and daring deeds dared,

Decided our fate in our many tests

We are not at the end, but at an intersection,

We must soldier on, endure the fire, beat down rejection

Do you, I ask, have it within you, to make this what it deserves to be?

Then use the power that is what it means to be free,

Do you believe that a good will can find its way in these uncertain times?

I do, though I now resort to reading mediocre rhymes.

Let no doubt in your mind endure

For we have come this far, and though farther still have we to go

Do not fear to tread, for the candle has been lit.

And although ships, when in harbour are considered safe

Harbours are not what ships are built for

For we have built the sure foundation for a great night

We must continue to set all that is wrong in the world to right

The power of laughter tonight, overcomes the devil’s might

The show must go on, be it hail, shine or rain

Tonight, you will be the blood that runs through this show’s veins

I see you stand, like greyhounds in the slips, straining to unleash strife

The game’s afoot: Join with me, stiffen the sinews,

Summon up the blood, and BRING THIS SHOW TO LIFE!

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