Melbourne to Mexico

Buenos Dias everyone,

welcome to the first installment of the Daniel Yeow / Nick Sheridan 5-month Latin American Odyssey.

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The Plan
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so far, we’re still on track (we’ve only been here for a day)

We arrived in Mexico City last night after about 26 hours of travelling of which 20 hours were spent in the air. The journey was relatively uneventful save for us almost getting duped by an unregistered taxi driver in mexico city and Nick getting his sunscreen confiscated at the security checkpoint in Auckland. We are staying in a place called Casa del los Amigos and the people here are very friendly (I even managed a game of go last night – I got smoked). The weather here is beautiful with the temperature here a very mild 17 degrees with clear blue skies. We plan to be in Mexico city for another two days before heading off to Guanajuarto to spend two weeks doing a Spanish language course. After that, we’ll bum around Mexico for a bit and probably travel to Cuba by boat from Cancun. At least that’s the plan…

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to connect my laptop computer to the internet so avid readers of and my travel blog (URL above) will have to wait.

I hope everyone is well. I hope to hear from you all very soon. Hasta Luego!

Daniel Yeow
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p.p.s Apologies for the bad grammar and spelling, 26 hours of travelling + not much sleep = very tired Daniel

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