The Weird Plays

I am Apollo

Tonight was the losing night for the Euripides Weird Plays. I managed to nail all my lines, although others weren’t so fortunate. Earlier in the day, I ran 1500m (not really my thing) then ran 200m without anything like a full recovery (not a great idea), then ran 400m in heavy rainfall (a really silly idea). Luckily my part in the plays doesn’t require much movement… I’m a god, I just stand and deliver my lines while occasionally moving my arms around.

The afterparty was good fun. We literally partied until the sunrise. The party had all the elements that a good party should – controversy, stupid amounts of alcohol consumption, a destroyed 4×4 rubik’s cube and a visit from victoria police. Oh, and singing, lots and lots of singing…

Mark and his Greek table wine – 45 standart drinks apparently

Sarah and Rin battle it out for exercise ball supremacy

Three little first years sign James’ sack while Mark does his weekly weights session with the aid of his Greek fermented olive oil…

The Rubik’s cube, which had kept some entertained backstage during the plays, continued to do so at the afterparty

Getting up close and personal with Seamus

Keith the swearing bear stands on the balcony looking cool… notice the excellent t-shirt

Not sure what was being discussed here, but it must’ve been mighty interesting

There was much music and much rejoicing. There was also some dancing… watch those hands

Chris finds herself on the balcony… luckily didn’t find herself falling off the balcony, no mean feat considering her condition

A group shot with a difference… notice James’ sack in the bottom right hand corner of the shot

A shot of most of us on the balcony with the lovely dark Melbourne night behind us

Some kind of group hug happens on the balcony as the sun rises in the east

Sarah messes up the 4×4 cube

REALLY messes up the 4×4 cube

In fact… sometimes I wonder why we gave her the 4×4 cube in the first place

This revealed to us a great deal about the mechanics of the 4×4 cube (not that we had a burning desire to know). We did manage to put it back together again.

It seems that the state of general “wastedness” was carried all the way until the morning…

Seamus… delicious? Tired and wasted more like….

Oh, what a lovely morning… a perfect time to catch up on some much-needed sleep… on the floor of my living room

Daisy looks a little confused

Chris and James… probably sitting there wondering how rumours get started….

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