I am slowly becoming more proficient at this whole video-editing business. I’m probably also getting slightly better with the actual shooting as well, although the learning curve isn’t as steep because I’m already a fairly experienced stills photographer.

Our first introduction is the Olympic Torch. It passed through Calgary a few days ago, and predictably made its way to the Calgary Olympic Oval. While there it was carried around the oval for a few laps by past Olympians and the Canadian long track team debuted their new suits. After all the fanfare, I caught up with Nicole Garrido who was able to give the low-down on the torch.

Our second introduction is the very talented Joshua Lose, who will likely be skating the 5000m for Australia in the upcoming Olympic Winter Games. This is sort of a “practice run” for the documentary I’m planning for the entire Australian long track program. Think of it as a teaser trailer for Josh’s story, which will be one of a handful of personal stories that will carry the narrative for the documentary.

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