Dutch TV

Those few of you who know me and live in the Netherlands know that I often inadvertently appear on Dutch television. This is mostly because I get press passes to speed skating events and are just part of the background of photographers. Well, in Holland I probably stand out because I’m young, agile, and asian – three traits which Dutch press photographers don’t generally possess. This time, I’ve been caught on Dutch TV because I happened to be hanging out with Elma De Vries, who will be skating the ladies 5000m later next week. The video clip is embedded below, watch out for me, Elma, and Australian coach Desly Hill waving from the balcony of one of the buildings in the Olympic village.

…that’s right, I said “Olympic village”.  I’m in Vancouver, sleeping on a friend’s couch, and collecting material for the upcoming documentary on the Australian speed skating team (if you’d like to contribute, I’d love to know). I will endeavor to update frequently and bring the loyal readers of danielyeow.com the inside track on the happenings in the world of Olympic speed skating (even though, I myself am a bit bummed that I’m not actually skating in it).

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