Two Drops

They met strangely facing
one to another, each from each side
up the slope, towards the peak racing
neither knowing another, nor trying to hide
gripped by dizzying height they spoke:

“I was pushed” the left one said
“my colleagues and I, under pressure trapped
escape was easy, from underground I was led
more and more tunnels to fill a map
and out we burst to feed abundance”

The right one wasn’t quite so sure
“far more effort needed, to me extract
and though we look alike, I held greater allure
my drop quenching greater thirst to be exact
yes, we seem to be from different worlds”

Sure, drop to drop, they looked quite alike
though one was but a fleeting heartbeat older
and perhaps wiser too, coming after the spike
for the other, being the younger and bolder
recklessly cheapened and squandered its time

The younger drop, so energetic would give so much
that is, compared to what you gave to get some
but difficulties in getting the elder drop were such
that less would be got when you did the sum
but how important were just drops in an ocean?

This ocean is black like a starless night
and time separates these drops on either side
of a bell, they ascend to ring with all their might
to signal reaching the peak – the top of the ride
and the passengers: our economy, and civilization


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