The Plan

This is the plan. We probably won’t stick to it, but this is the general route which we will by trying to take. I should probably include that the start date of the whole schmozzle is the 12th of January and the finish date is the 10th of June.

Getting There (11/1/07)

Gee, Mexico City is a long long way from Melbourne. We arrived bright and early at Melbourne airport to begin our odyssey and after some emotional goodbyes we were underway, well, almost. The powers that be decided that my hand luggage weighed too much and sent me back out to get it checked in. Nick, being a very tall individual was offered an exit row seat, so we both ended up having seats with lots of leg room. Our first stop was Auckland, where we had about an hour’s transit. The security was super-tight with the metal detectors coming out for everyone. Nick’s sunscreen was confiscated (very dangerous, that sunscreen). Next up was getting from Auckland to Los Angeles. The flight was relatively uneventful for its 11 and a half hour duration although that amount of time wasn’t quite long enough for Nick to fill out all his forms correctly (there were only two) and they took three and four attempts respectively. Once we had cleared customs, we checked in to our final flight, the one which would take us from LA to Mexico city, which lasted three and a half hours. After almost getting duped by a non-registered taxi, we finally got to our destination – Casa del los amigos.

Me and Nick about to enter immigration. (Nick is the taller one)

Smoke from the bushfires could be seen from the air. It was pretty scary.

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