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Our first stop... a lovely island. This area has over three hundred islands with over a thousand beaches between them. Many are privately owned. The beaches here are nicer than in Puerto Vallarta... There is even a "Club Med" which is strange... because I always thought the "med" bit was short for "Mediterranean" as in... that body of water between Europe and Africa.

It was a very relaxing day... we hung about the beach, we swam a bit and we lay about on the deck of the boat.

We even managed a bit of snorkeling... there were lots of fish... the great barrier reef still holds the top spot on my list of snorkelling destinations though.

Look! A llama! (cunningly disguised as a starfish)

"excuse me... I'm a little lost..."

and, as with any respectable touristy chartered boat.. there was a bar

...and we even got a fairly decent lunch.

One of the Islands that we stopped off at had a little church on it... with a really really tall tree next to it.

Yeah... no forced perspective trickery needed here... that is one tall mother of a tree!

Meanwhile, on one of the beaches, a silverfish and a swarm of ants do battle.

Oh, it must be so boring to be the staff on one of these boats. This shot reminds me a bit of the photo I took of some staff at the Louvre in Paris who just sat and looked out the window of a room filled with priceless masterpieces of renaissance art.

Our ship... with two masts... which are there for decorative purposes only.

A ten-second exposure of Copacabana beach by night...


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