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Oh yeah... and that satue I was talking about... As I got to the top of the steps leading up to the platform where the monument stood, I overheard an American say "Jesus Christ!" in awe as he witnessed the statue for the first time... to which I replied "well.. that was the idea"

He's a terrorist... no he's not, you've just got the exposure wrong, let me have the camera!

This is apparently where Carnival happens... it happens in February... which is, regrettably, a long way from May.

Drinks to tempt us at lunch... you see... the buffet lunch includes everything except drinks... now a buffet lunch has to be pretty expensive for someone like me not to get value-for-money... but when the drinks cost as much as they did (2 USD for a small glass of water!) then I can start to see how they make their money...

Next stop... sugar loaf mountain... accessibly only by cable-car...

Actually... that's not quite true. This is another way to get up... but it requires considerably more effort. (but less rope/cable)

These guys have the right idea... the car coming down gives its energy, mechanically, to the car going up... meaning that most of the energy in this system is being used to overcome friction... rather than hauling something very heavy up a hill.

Are we there yet? Not quite... there are TWO cable car rides to get there...

Ooohh... we have a little friend.

Waiting for the second leg of the cable car journey. Wide angle lens meets wide angle mirror... hello there. (can you spot me?)

Almost there... wow... that's a view.

There you have it folks, Rio de Janiero. The statue of Christ the Redeemer is visible in the centre of the shot (and a bit north).

Copacabana beach... where I'm staying...

And zona norte. The airport can be seen in front of the centre of that very very long bridge.

I look down and what do I see? This is actually a military base... it has impressive facilities, including its own private beaches.

On the way down, I spotted the old cable car... The spiffy new ones can take about 60 people at a time. The old ones could take about 6.

Some strange monument outside the cable car station. Looks like a monument to the soldier who lost his life because he was too busy playing air guitar on his rifle...

Does anyone else think that the logo of this bus company is dodgy?

ooohhh... it is a cold day in Rio...

Our next stop was a little cathedral in downtown Rio... which has a rather curious shape to it.


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