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Well then... I'd better not drink it if it's Bob's

...and there are definitely no male toilets in THIS jet engine

oohhh... goody! Manga!

A happy little artisan shop in Montevideo, Uruguay

The quality of Argentine translations had been doing so well up to this point (this is the port at Buenos Aires... where I first set foot in Argentina... well, apart from Iguazu Falls)

There was a very international flavour to my fruit salad...

I KNEW it! I just knew that the nights went for longer in Buenos Aires

Oh my... maybe I'll just have to hold it in.

Everywhere you go, if you mention that you are from Australia, many people respond with "muchos kanguros!". Are there actually any outback steak houses in Australia?

an interesting sign to be found at the port in Costa Verde, near Rio

The captain of this boat is a restraining order waiting to happen

Antarctica eh? It wasn't THAT cold... what were they thinking?

I'd never had the urge to purchase a winged insect before...

Spare batteries in the lighthouse at Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay...

An airport shuttle bus parked outside the French Embassy in Buenos Aires... I'm sure I wasn't the first to have a chuckle at this one.

They spelt subtle wrong...

Is this why Argentina smells so nice?

The tourist maps always had these big red dots on them, but whenever I looked around, I could never find the red dots. The guy who steals them all must bring them here... to Ushuaia, appropriately at the end of the world...

This is an interesting use of the Perito Moreno Glacier for advertising... I wonder what Francisco Moreno would've thought about all this?

Crab in its own juice? That's almost as wrong as "excited chicken"

There still seems to be some bitterness in Argentina over this whole Falkland Island thing

...what I've always wanted..

Down here, the box drinks are named after Italian strikers who make significant blunders at world cups...

If you need me to explain this to you... then you've probably missed most of the humour on this whole website.

...well, there goes the idea of shooting "The Weakest Link" on location on Lago Argentina

At first, I thought this said "Don't Trolling"... oh well... I guess its still a little bit funny.

This one's for all my ex'es...

wow... the Argentines are REALLY bitter about the whole Falkland Islands thing...

7up with some vitamins added... hmm...

When you're popular, you're popular... and when you're not...

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