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more maths jokes from UC Berkeley

This would be a lot less funny if we didn't hear the Men At Work song "Down Under" almost everywhere that we went

Yes, it is true, the US is a nation of pun-sters.

Nick spotted this on the map of Stanford Campus, so I decided I would take a look at what this was. Just some residential halls...

The actual Harvard motto is "Veritas" which means "truth" in latin. Tha Harvard cycling team's jersey modified it slightly. I guess they wanted to be in line with "pro" cycling teams in that nobody seems to know the truth when it comes to doping...

A sign near Massachussets Avenue, between Harvard and MIT...

The MIT bookshop

At a restaurant near MIT where Peter, Nick and I ate dinner... I had some... excited Chicken...

In a pub near MIT...

This was one that I took when I was all optimistic about the possibility of getting into Harvard. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. I hear Columbia isn't a bad institution though... and that Jeffrey Sachs fellow, no slouch either.

Really? well... what if I don't want to die?

A sign that you don't see every day at a museum. If I didn't tell you that this was in a museum... well... we'll just leave that one in your imaginations

An intersting jacket in the adidas store, near Harvard. I was very tempted to buy it... except that my name isn't James Hunt.

I couldn't believe it... I'd have to see it to believe it... alas, not enough time in New York.

A sign at a sports store in Princeton... made me think of my friend Andrew Kwok... or "Cool Kwok" abbreviated to CK... as we like to call him... he's so hot right now...

Organic? Nitrogen tetroxide? wha...?

Self-storage is hugely popular in the US.

As is litigation. FYI... did you know that Australia is the world's second most litigious society?

A mock protest by actors wearing costumes from the time of the tudors... it was actually a publicity stunt for the series "Tudors"

I'm a bit surprised these guys didn't get sued...

I was wondering where to drop off my fed ex documents... then it hit me... almost.

In Quito Ecuador... my club... well... if I was a pimp.

What to do on the 20 hour bus ride from Lima to Cusco? Play bingo of course!

A sign at the desk of the south american explorer's office in Cusco, where Nick obtained details for his volunteering

Fly tickets?

A sign to warn children of... well... use your imagination

Good thing for this sign... otherwise Nick and I wouldn't have got ANY sleep

Lots of things to giggle about on this sign, take your pick...

I just can't get a grip on these weird signs...

Ah ha! So all that necessary noise that I was making is ok then?

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