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More modern art... this time, caught in the act of pulling ones socks up.

This piece was very interesting. Despite appearences, it was actually quite flat and it looked different when viewed from different angles. (these are two photos of the same thing)

Pegasus. Interesting trivia - the computer company Asus was originally going to be called Pegasus, but dropped the first three letters so that it would appear closer to the top of alphabetical lists.

The building itself is quite magnificent. It has been slowly expanded and added to over the years, but it is very well-done and you can barely notice the seams where new wings have been attached. Here is one such example. Bet you can't even tell which side is newer (its the left).

A room full of paintings, a fairly common occurrence in a museum of art. These are more paintings from western europe.

Is anyone feeling horny? They come in all shapes and sizes... although I'm told that the difference is really felt in the way that you blow them, rather than sheer size. You need to have good finger dexterity, of course.

Talk about ornamental pianos... this one was quite extraordinary... and VERY heavy.

Oh! look at the time, I guess I should be heading back to Boston...

One for my maths friends out there... this was the number of my stinky hotel room.

On returning to Boston, we hung about, had some lunch and started watching a game of lacrosse being played in the MIT sporting fields. The game was hopelessly one-sided so we found ourselves a lacrosse ball and did some bowling practice. Note to self: synthetic rubbery ball bowled on synthetic rubbery athletics track = LOTS of bounce (and some wacko spin too!).


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