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The opportunist of the month award goes to.... Mr. mobile marketplace and drinkstand

Chris gives a tute about purple sea snails... go figure

Our accomodation in Malta was quite upmarket, it gave us a good feel for the environment although it was a little bit cramped.

The inter-galactic space ships which were stationed here seemed to have made an impression on the sedimentary landscape

The cliffs of insanity

Pondering whether or not to jump

I didn't know that the Romans used eigenvalues... in the temple of Hercules no less

Works better than a rear spoiler you know mate... the folks in Chapel St. would be so jealous

Hmm, good gates... perhaps they should work on the walls

Hmm... where did the rest of our hotel go?

My room mate Toby muses over the Rubiks cube

Vera! Now available in a 6-pack

To the untrained eye... just ordinary gravel. To the trained archaeologist... phoenician and punic pottery

Our trip can basically be summed up in this picture... we looked at two things, (1) rocks and (2) holes in the ground

Team leader, Dr Claudia Sagona, tries to conjure up an ancient spell, I think it was called "Daniel why don't you bloody pay attention!"

Bring me my bow of burning gold, bring me my arrows of desire; bring me my spear, O clouds unfold bring me my __________

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