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The signage in and around Malta was most useful

Cart Ruts? Field Furrows? Looks more like an alien landing site to me

Who would have thought that such a facade would conceal one of the most important archaeological caves around

excuse me, where were the neolithic temples again?

Early advertisments for mosquito coils

is nothing sacred?

Our faithful bus, the preferred mode of transportation on this tiny island

For those who are archaeologically uninitiated, this is a human skeleton

On board the ferry to Gozo

Whatever they were, there were three of them...

an interestingly painted dome in a cathedral in Victoria, Gozo. Notice the lizard in the bottom right of one of the painted windows

Despite archaeology being a relatively stress-free pursuit, tensions were high in Gozo

The view over the small island of Gozo

We were fortunate enough to be treated to a tour of the harbour by none other than Mel Brooks

Chillin on a boat cruise through the harbour

Here we are taking pictures of other people taking pictures of us taking pictures of.... nevermind. Notice "england forever" on the side of the other boat

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