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Oh thank goodness! Any more of that and I would have been ill. Mind you, my pilot was quite mad... he let me fly the plane for about five minutes while we were over Coyhaique... I mean... what the...?

After the flght, I did a little bit more sightseeing on the way back into town. Here is a curious rock formation which looks a bit like a face.

This is not the longest suspension bridge in Chile...

Valparaiso (6/6/07)

I arrived in the evening at this beautiful costal city. My hostel was not in the safest area in town... but it was quite central and it had a little hatch to the roof where I was able to climb up and take some... you guessed it, panoramic shots. (you know the deal, click the picture)

This building has a hole in it... how unsual. There is a building in Hong Kong with a hole in it too... for Feng Shuey reasons. I wonder why this building has a hole in it. Maybe it is holy?

Look! A cat on a cold tin roof...

Most of the architecture here didn't survive past the 1906 earthquake which devastated most of Chile. In 1984, about half of the place was flattened by another earthquake... oh well. There are still an small handful of old buildings. This is the headquaters of the Chilean Navy

There are some rather nice walls near my hostel

...and from on top of one of them, one can get a good view of the plaza, and the top of the Naval headquarters

Of course, some of the architecture is also very new... and weird

A light rail track runs along the coast and on to Vina del Mar, a nearby city

Another lovely municipal building, recently restored

...and in keeping with the "I want to be a European city" theme, we have lots of fountains

...and obelisks

The main avenue is very picturesque, with lots of busts and statues of famous people (including captain prat...)

The observant among you will notice that the base of this statue bears a masonic symbol...

and occasionally, one has to stop and look up at the many cerros - hills surrounding the port town... it reminded me a little bit of... Guanajuato

...and we thought Melbourne Uni had funding issues...

If I'm not mistaken - "School of rights"

yeah... alot like Guanajuato... only not as safe. A few times I was told by passers by to watch my camera because snatchers on vespas were common in these parts



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