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In keeping with its confusion over where it is... the town is very famous for its chocolates. There are many very good chocolate shops all over the main strip.

Racing through the winding country roads at dusk on my first night... so that I could take advantage of the good light for photography.

It venus again... at dusk... again. Will I ever get bored of these shots? Probably not.... sorry

A chair lift that reminded me of the Arthur's seat chairlift on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne... although that chairlift doesn't have a huge sign out the front saying "El Gringo"

The view from the top is pretty special... of course, it helps that the scenery, with its glacial lakes and Andes mountain range are rather spectacular even when viewed from lake-level (which is about 900m above sea-level)

Hey hey hey... and you thought you'd seen the last panoramic shot... why don't you just click the photo?

The rare Andean white puma... sacred to the indigenous people of South America since time immemorial. Actually... I may be mistaken, this could just be a domestic cat.

The chair lift is not for those who are afraid of heights... or the wind.

Another pretty landscape, this time from a specially constructed (for tourists) lookout by the side of one of the mountain roads.

.And, as with all tourist traps, there were numerous stalls trying to sell numerous things... like these... I feel a coldplay song coming on...

A picture of a bush... and the shadow of some really annoying tourist who just refused to move to get out of my shot. He even had the audacity to mimic my movements to mock me... someday I'll show him! Oh, the resort in the background is the Llao Llao, pronouces "show", to rhyme with "cow". It was built in the 30s and remains one of the most expensive hotels in all of Argentina... i think.

In this area... there is also a port... oh dear... I sense that I won't be able to avoid boats for much longer (I am in the lakes district after all)

Argentina's primary nuclear research facilities is located near Bariloche... I wonder who came up with that idea.

I also wondered if it was a coincidence that the military school happened to be right next to the nuclear research facility... very suspicious

Remember what I said about chocolates? Well... I decided to pay a visit to a local chocolate factory.


I wasn't able to stay in Buenos Aires for long enough to catch a game between the two famous rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate... this was as close as I got to seeing them play each other.

I still maintain that Autumn is the best time of year for nature photography.

Sea Kayaks, if I'm not mistaken...

Well, it isn't exactly the sea, it is Lago Gutierrez, one of the smaller lakes in the area... but it was still pretty big, it still had waves and was still freezing cold. The dog in the foreground belonged to one of the guides... and he ran alongside us on the shore while we kayaked around the lake.


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