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Castle Hoheschwangau... or something like that...

The "you are here" sign in front of Neuschwanstein

...and in the tallest room of the tallest tower...

Viewed from the courtyard, the only tree that stands within the castle grounds. The curious numbers and clock are for the guided tours

Surprisingly, this castle was never used for the purpose of defence

It was difficult to capture the essence of it in a single photo, because trees just kept getting in the way

Ok, I promise... this is the LAST silly, immature poke at the German language

As you can see, there was snow all around us and the white castle is very well camoflaged...

Kyle, who we met at the pub in the wombat hostel, goes for the time trial title... his time... umm... infinity seconds

The very friendly bar tender has a photo with 'da boys and their beer mugs

The next day, we went to Dachau... the infamous concentration camp

Barbed wire fence and ditch, designed to keep people in... curiously similar to Australia's own detention centres

This pleasant looking building was the crematorium/gas chamber

Just like they said, there were fake shower heads in the roof and signs everywhere saying disinfection room... walking through it just sent shivers down my spine

These are giant ovens... for people. Many were executed right in front of them, to save the trouble of having to carry the dead bodies across the campsite

Pretty self-explanatory

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