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Notre Dame - Our Lady

The Pyramid in front of the Louvre

Oh Renee... Cogito ergo cogito sum

I am SUCH a tourist!

Voltaire... (for those who can't read... wait a sec)

Me in front of Gauis Julius Caesar... again

Paris at a glance...

The arch of triumph

Garnier - home to the Paris Opera Ballet among other things

Galleries Lafayette... nice toilets and expensive socks...

Basillica of the Sacred Blood

Inside Sacre Coer

A red windmill... go figure. (unfortunately tickets were sold out for about a week... I'll have to come back next time, d'oh)

Gluck anybody?

The interior of the Palais Garnier... very palais-like

I don't see what the big deal is with this place, its just a plain old avenue

Ok, its got trees along it... and it has this big arch at one end... and its quite big

Mr. Charles de Gaulle himself, however does he manage to keep so still?

My cloakroom ticket... notice the number is also my birthday (5th December) - freaky

during the interval, these sleeping beauties slept

the ultra-modern super-big opera bastille auditorium was completely packed

But the mysterious three-legged ballerina was nowhere to be seen

This is the side of the Eiffel tower

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