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It is time for another update. After two weeks off without training because of my back, I am now slowly starting to get back into it. How slowly? I raced 5000m on Friday night at an average speed of 33km/h, THAT’S how slowly (that might sound fast, but it is not. The fast guys average in the low 50s). The North American regional qualifying event also took place last weekend. I’m not sure why, but Australia and New Zealand are included in the North American “region”. Oh well… I made a video about the weekend, and here it is:

After that, we took part in that most Canadian of pastimes – ice hockey. We weren’t very good, but it was a lot of fun.

Team Photo

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  1. Maybe you should enter in an Australian ice hockey team. That would be a bit Cool Runnings.

    Saw Nick in January, lovely man.


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